Mudding the Porch Ceiling

With spring on its way in (and snow even melting the very day is falls), Tyler took to taking joint compound to the drywall that was newly installed in the porch.

At first, he filled in holes from the nails, and seams between sheets of drywall, etc. And he was using a putty knife.

But after watching some YouTube videos, he switched over to using a trowel-which is kind of like this flat metal piece with a handle. He says it spreads much more evenly and takes less time.

Despite the weather warming up, we still have cool days. So, many times he would have to turn on the gas heater gun so the joint compound could dry appropriately.

I imagine all that time on the ladder can get uncomfortable. And, it’s been a project that has taken slightly more than a week. But, with school (still in session at this point-we are in the midst of Coronavirus hysteria as I type this post) and the dry time needed, he just works a couple hours and then takes a break.

He’s figured out his plan for finishing the walls inside the porch, but I wouldn’t want to give any of his interior design plans away yet. That will be a big part of this spring.

2 Replies to “Mudding the Porch Ceiling”

  1. I just want to know how Tyler got both our ladders without us even knowing it. The Little Giant (I think that’s what it is called) and the two step both appear to be exactly like ours. I shy away from both of them!!


    1. Haha Jerri! Well have you been missing yours for six years? The little giant and the step stool was one of his very first purchases probably the same week we bought the house! Great minds must think alike!


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