Drywalling the Porch Ceiling

Was I ecstatic to see Tyler working on the porch again this spring? You bet! So let’s get right into it!

Tyler has the drywall delivered quite awhile before he actually had the opportunity to put up the drywall. This was the final decision for the ceiling of the porch. Many aesthetic options were considered. But, in the long run, Tyler settled on drywall.

This big yellow machine contraption was used in this process to hold up the pieces of drywall so T could nail them into place. Okay, I realize this machine seems like a very logical tool, but it blowed me away. It’s genius! A person can install drywall by themselves this way. And having someone design a machine that can fit different size pieces of drywall and hold it up in place steady…it was quite the process to watch.

There isn’t much more to say about the process. (But how many times can I type drywall? Seems like a drinking game in the making…you know for those people that actually drink). Pieces were nailed into place. They had to be measured and cut. They had to fit around the lightbulbs.

I think the drywall makes the porch look larger. But one of my favorite renovation “games” is to view each new step in how large or small it makes a room look. The perspective from different finished and fixtures can really influence the size a room feels, and as a person who understands logically that the room doesn’t actually change size; this is fascinating.

But really…the giddiness I feel about the continued work on the porch might be slightly influenced by the fact that we have sixty degree weather the weekend this project took place. And a beautiful, sunny hot weekend with all the snow melting after winter is the perfect anti-depressant.

Next step-mud. (On the drywall, not the yard…though we have plenty of mud pits to fill up the upcoming spring!)

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