Main Floor Reorganization

The flu* hit the Pedersen homestead and made a bit of a mess of the house.

*This post was written the last week of February, prior to much talk in the US about the Coronavirus-19. And obviously prior to all the school shut downs and staying inside orders. I would like to take a moment to elaborate on what, at first, felt like a simple statement at the beginning of this post. So, as far as we can tell, Tyler and I both came down with the flu (him first, me about four days later). We did not go to a hospital or clinic to be tested for the flu. Tyler stayed home until his fever was clear for 24 hours-which was about four days for him. I stayed home for six days-even though I had been fever free for a few days near the end of my own quarantine. It just so happened that I became fever-free during a weekend, so there was no point in going anywhere anyway. That is how we handled our illnesses (following protocols everyone had been following for years), with myself trying to be extra vigilant.

But before that occurred, I had taken some time to take some photos of how I had reorganized the living room/dining room.

One of the reasons I reorganized everything was to make the living room more functional and to move the tv downstairs. Now, I don’t really have much of a desire to have a television. And since making it through the flu and being forced into doing nothing for days on end, Tyler has discovered he doesn’t care much for tv more either.

But before the flu had hit, Tyler had always preferred the option of having tv. Mainly, he has it on in the background while talking, eating, watching YouTube videos. In fact, when we were first married, he couldn’t fall asleep without having the tv on and letting it turn off with a timer. (I lived with that for almost a year before I nearly went insane with sleep deprivation and removed the tv from our bedroom).

When we started working on the homestead, we moved into a spare room of a friend’s house for about fourteen months and then an apartment for almost another year. And during those times, we didn’t have a tv. There was also a tv revolution happening during this time. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, network apps-all of a sudden you didn’t need a tv to watch tv shows.

So while I was perfectly content to never move a tv into our home, Tyler hooked up an antennae in our attic so we could get the free scan channels. He was excited to have access to watching tv again.

Once again, I began to struggle with sleeping with the bright blue light of the tv with a spouse who likes to stay up late.

So, for his birthday last year I bought him a smart tv that would allow us to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime on the actual set.

Then this holiday season, I purchased Tyler Netflix, Amazon Prime, Starz and HBO for six months. The tv was moved downstairs, to allow Tyler to watch it as late as he wanted.

Hence, this new set-up to make watching tv more possible.

It’s some kind of irony that Tyler has come to the realization that he doesn’t like tv much anymore. But when there is so much more to do in real life (when you don’t have the flu or dangerously freezing weather), it’s easy to forget tv shows even exist. (Even with this being the golden age of tv).

But I think, with the new arrangement, the downstairs looks a bit more like a house (and a little less construction-like).

*Future editing Jenna interrupting again-if there was ever a year to get sign up for all these streaming services, I guess I picked the right year. No, we haven’t been watching a lot of tv since the schools have shut down. (Tyler has, in fact, been working around the clock on the porch!) But it’s nice to know we have that option as the situation progresses.

Furthermore, I just want to say, that I feel very fortunate. Tyler and I have a beautiful, little acreage that allows us to be secluded without any effort on our part. We have all sorts of projects here to tackle and work on with schools and many businesses being closed. And so, I think we are both trying to find the silver lining in these circumstances. We wish you, our dear readers, kind and peaceful days ahead. And if you are in healthcare, transposition, food services, IT, or any of the numerous fields that are so desperately overwhelmed right now, thank you for all you are doing. Much love.

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