The Little Sewing Kit

So this may be the oddest post I’ve ever written, but, as previously mentioned, I find myself in the surges of winter that have left some gaps in my blogging schedule. But soon the winter winds will die away and we will return to spring. Then more house posts and construction will return.

I was very proud that I made a blind stitch recently on a dress that had a hem that had fallen out. I did it by hand, in about fifteen minutes on the day I decided I wanted to wear the dress. It wasn’t perfect (obviously my hand sewing is completely not-aesthetic), but it functioned. And since it was a blind stitch, it’s not noticeable from the outside anyway.

So I thought it might be funny to make a little post that showcased my sewing box.

It’s from Walmart. I thought the blue colors went well with our house colors (I mean, how else are you suppose to choose a design?).

What I need to do is update the needles and seam ripper. I’ve almost broke this little, tiny seam ripper several times. I’ve broken a bunch of needles. Sometimes in half and sometimes the eyes break off. But, they are the needles and seam ripper that came with the box. So…? Unsurprising since they were part of a cheap set, but yet, I haven’t updated them.

My favorite part is all my buttons! I love switching out buttons on tops, dresses and cardigans. I bought this craft organizer to keep the buttons. And while I love the older, vintage and antique buttons I can find at flea markets and antique malls, they never fit modern button holes. You also generally need about nine buttons for a cardigan. Older buttons seem to come in sets of three or six. I recently successfully followed a YouTube tutorial from the amazing Bernadette Banner on how to sew a button hole by hand (Victorian style) and I have a sneaking feeling this may mean I’ll be able to enlarge button holes to use the more interesting and fun retro and antique buttons on my modern clothes.

I organize the buttons by color, with one bin for singles. And then I have a packet of random wooden buttons. Because a wooden button is so classy and creative that I don’t even mind that they are too large to use and have no matches.

I have just a few colors of thread. I need more black and probably a burgundy. I basically use pretty much just black, white, brown and tan. I don’t know much about thread. I’m not terribly impressed with the kit threads, but the larger spools I’ve purchased hold up pretty well.

I’ve also got a nice pair of scissors, but could use actual functioning fabric shears. I have some hook and eyes and snaps, lots of pins I never use. (That seems like a thing a person should use, but I do often stab myself, so I just don’t use them to avoid being stabbed).

It’s pretty small. Maybe not the most inspiring or interesting. But since all I do, at this point, is mainly some hemming or very subtly taking in a waist of a long skirt, I guess I don’t need much in a small kit.

Buttons though. I definitely always need more buttons.

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