The US Census Filing Cabinets

Tyler stumbled across an interesting find..twice in rural schools here in northwest Iowa.

Several years ago, he moved a large metal filing cabinet from the Terril school district to the ReNew store. (Which was a store where a person could donate or purchase previously used household items. Like a stove, doors, light fixtures, etc. It unfortunately closed).

When the ReNew Store closed, Tyler ended up with the cabinet. He spent a bit of time last winter making these beautiful wooden boxes to go inside the cabinet to store the oodles of screws, nails and bolts he has accumulated.

From what he researched, he has discovered that these cabinets were used in the US Air Force during the WWII era. How they ended up in Terril, IA, is anyone’s guess.

And then, oddly, this winter, Tyler discovered another set of these cabinets for auction at the Hartley, IA, school. He bid on them and won them for $27.

Except for the fact that their green color was slightly off, they are very similar. These had small green drawers (not inside the cabinets but taken out) that can be altered to be one size, three size, or combined together in a larger fashion.

With these, Tyler also purchased three buckets of nuts and bolts for $6. Apparently, like my cleaning, Tyler finds sorting through nuts and bolts to be quite relaxing.

Finding another US Census Air Force Cabinet in another rural school in NW IA is very interesting. What is the story there? Did all NW IA schools take on WWII cabinets at one point? Were they gifts to the school districts? Was there someone locally who found these for each school?

Glad to give them a happy home!

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