Preparing For Porch Finishes

In the fall, before the first major snowfall that happened over Thanksgiving weekend, we got a delivery.

For quite a bit of time, Tyler was trying to figure out how he wanted to side the inside of the porch. Of course, most of the time people side with drywall (as inside our house). But the fun thing about the porch is that it’s a smaller space where more interesting artistic choices can be made.

I’ve mentioned before, but I don’t have much of an eye for interior design. I can’t imagine what rooms will look like or fixtures or paint colors when Tyler asks for my opinion. But Tyler? He is great at design. He always comes up with interesting ideas and has that amazing ability to visualize his ideas.

Gus watching the delivery truck try to figure out how to get down the dirt road.

While debating what he wanted to do, Tyler came across a great deal. He always finds great deals. So he had all this wood delivered to our house (and had to completely clear out the garage to store it) the day of the first snowfall.

I got a few pictures of it prior to the storm starting. It’s cedar. I cannot express in words how much I love the smell of cedar.

Nothing has been done since the wood has been dropped off. January and February are pretty useless months (it’s a Russian Roulette of bitter cold!), but hopefully conditions will improve that will allow some continued work on the porch project.

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