Insulating the Porch

Rather ironically, on Thanksgiving weekend this year (much like the previous Thanksgiving weekend when Tyler had the shed insulated), we had the porch insulated.

I think part of the beauty of it was that, for the first time in who knows how long, the porch was completely clear of all debris. Here is the porch prior to being insulated:

Once again, as the theme of 2019 continues, I was gone for the work. I did see the crew try their best to maneuver a very large trailer into our driveway through the muddy mess of November. I also saw them start to put up the plastic sheets along the doors and windows to protect them from the foam. But that was the extent of what I saw.

Close up of a wall

Tyler also had them fix a couple of spots in the shed that had not made it through the winter very well. And then their large truck and trailer got stuck in our yard and he had to pull them out with the tractor.

Ceiling near the pipe for the range

Seriously, the tractor is the obvious winner of all items we have here at the homestead. Best purchase EVER.

Above the windows

I like how the color of the insulation is different from the shed (apparently, the company changed chemicals?). It “goes” better with our decorating. Of course, the insulation will be covered up. But seeing the fluffy blue cotton-candy now is calming.

I wonder, if anyone a hundred years from now, will demolish the interior of the house and have to scrape away at foam insulation (in the way we had to meticulously remove all lathe and plaster when we took over the house). And then those people will ooooh and ahhh over the different colors of foam throughout the house and share stories of how people “use” to keep their homes warm.

Curious thoughts for cold days.

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