The Doorbell

Today Gus alerted me to the the FedEx truck coming to our house. He did his signature low-growl and then jumped over to the window to look out and see if he could find the intruder.

I decided to head off this dog and delivery man confrontation by going down to the porch. Gus tends to go into an absolute fit when someone knocks at the door.

But this time there was no knock. I watched as the FedEx delivery person pushed our “doorbell” and dropped off the package and left.

Which confuses Gus greatly (as he was waiting to attack the knock at the door) and made me laugh. Yes, internet, we do have a doorbell on the outside of our home. But, no, it does not work.

This is where the doorbell sound will come from…eventually

Tyler needed to get the doorbell installed and fitted? or whatever the vocabulary is for doorbell work prior to having the porch insulated.

So he pulled some wires? Used a drill? Purchased a doorbell kit? I haven’t the slightest idea. Honestly, our schedules have been so misaligned this whole year, I rarely know what he is working on until I actually see him working on something for the ten minutes we cross paths.

Although not intended, the added benefit of having a non-functioning doorbell, is that is has kept people from knocking, thus, keeping Gus from having some sort of territorial meltdown over announcing an intruder.

Sure does make our home look even more complete on the outside though. I think the only standard issue outside of house things we are now missing are gutters and house numbers.

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