Prepping for Finished Walls

Very shortly (from the writing of this post), our dear friends at the spray foam place will be heading our way for the third time to spray and insulate the porch. I’ll be curious about how much this will influence the temperature inside the porch.

The porch has been a place that is a greenhouse level sauna in the summer and a perfect arctic freezer in the winter. Having it be more stabilized and become an extra living space will probably mess with my mind. But to have one part of the house fully functional? That will be a luxury!

Because the porch will be made into a three quarters season room (bc there will be a fireplace, so we may be able to use it in the winter more than we realize), it will be a finished area. Tyler has had a couple different ideas for how he is going to finish the walls after they are insulated, but isn’t 100% on any one idea.

For this reason, he had to prep the walls for any type of possible finish. This involved adding blocking between the studs so something could be nailed to them. Or attached…because maybe it would be screwed in not nailed? I’m unsure.

I think these little pieces (he may have called fern blocking) are adorable! And he spent a bit of time placing as needed (somewhat in a time crunch). You see, spray foaming can’t happen in ridiculously cold weather…so the clock was ticking!

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