Porch Electricity

The porch wiring got all figured out and I’m very happy to say that we have lights!

Switch with a dimmer

Piles of wires-I don’t know why they are sitting there-haha!

My favorite part about having lights is the lights right outside the door. When I go take Gus out in the morning before the sun has come up (or in the evening after the sun has gone down…which is practically 4:00 by this point), I can see!

Wires through the framed wall by the garage

Now I am not a person who likes lights, truly. But it can be quite pitch black outside when the moon doesn’t shine, so it’s easy to run into raccoons or possums or not notice a herd of deer standing in front of you. These things that cause Gus to get overly excited. These things that I can avoid better if I can steer him to a different part of the yard.

Beautiful outside shot at dusk

What Tyler did with the outside (and inside light) switches is pretty cool. He put one set immediately inside the front door. And a second set inside the house. So I can turn on/off the lights from either location and don’t have to walk through a dark corridor to get to the light switch.

Light switch inside the front door
For the ceiling fan
One of the lights in the ceiling

While I don’t use the lights inside the porch, it has definitely made the process of prepping that space easier for Tyler. Again, especially as the light is practically non-existent by the time he works on the porch after school.

Easier working conditions with porch lights

While the project has slowed down exponentially, the work is still progressing as time allows. Electricity is a pretty amazing thing. Take nothing for granted, that seems to be the continual lesson throughout the years of this house project!

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