A Step for the Shed

Before the weather turned too drastic, Tyler spend some time on a Sunday afternoon making a concrete step for the door of the Shed.

This was, obviously, very necessary. The ground right along the side of the shed with the door is basically all dirt and mud. There are some trees that shade the area, as well as the shed itself, and nothing is more annoying than walking to your shed to work and tracking clumps of mud all inside. (I would imagine. I mean, it’s not my shed, but I get sick of the mud in the house).

True to form, Tyler worked on this while I was doing makeup lessons out of town.

But I know he had to make a form for the stair. Mix the concrete. Pour it. Level it. Let it cure. That’s the basis of it all.

He used his large yellow, rusty concrete pouring thing he bought second-hand this summer. So I’m sure that was fun for him.

Unfortunately, it started raining after he made the step. Water was shedding off the shed (punny!) and caused a decently significant crevice in the step.

He is not sure yet how to repair this or stop further water erosion, but I’m sure he’ll come up with something. Also-what a beautiful fall we had!

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