Porch Outside Lights

Oh reader, the porch is not done. Though we had a great victory by getting the porch all shaked, there is still much to be done.

With the school year having started, porch work naturally has slowed down.

When he fitted the light placement earlier this summer.

So today I offer you a quick little post. Tyler put up the lights on the outside of the porch. He had already positioned the white framing pieces for the lights. (Which sat for weeks in the porch in their boxes).

An image of the open spots for the lights.

He had asked for my help in finding a suitable light style for outside the main door into the porch. But, as usual, he had such a good eye and finally found something he liked. He didn’t share what he chose with me, so I found out once he had installed them.

I came home to this one day! Ha! Installation of the fixture.

The lights aren’t wired? Is that correct? So we can’t turn them on. But I’m looking forward to not running into the side of the house or having Gus lunge at small animals when it’s pitch black and we are outside for his last potty break of the night.

Beautiful autumn shadows on the front door.

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