Clearing Out the Bathroom

After the great basement flood of September 2018, I thought it was finally time to spend a day clearing out the downstairs bathroom.

While I don’t believe Tyler is looking to complete the downstairs bathroom anytime soon; it was becoming a catch-all for odds and ends. Having it so loaded up with stuff that you can’t even open the door however, doesn’t allow Tyler to even consider working on it, should the mood strike.

The best photos I could get of the space “before.” Stacks up to my waist.

Most items were heirlooms, papers and framed pictures that we salvaged from the flood. They had been sitting out to avoid mold and allow them to dry. Other items included winter coats and winter boots and some blankets.

Tyler had extra flooring pieces, window screens, molding and bathroom construction materials in there as well. There were random tools strewn about as well. Hammers, two utility knives, a planer. Various screws and nails. Empty or partially empty paint cans. Lots of little tool things.

But the room itself was covered in sheet rock dust still and dang, that stuff sure billows up into the air. I didn’t attempt to vacuum it up with our Dyson. That dust will plug it up something awful.

Making piles of similar items in the mud room.

I cleared out some boxes and items that I had moved out to dry and prevent mold that didn’t end up preventing mold in the long run. So I ended up have to throw some out.

Finally finding the floor of the bathroom.

I also made piles of items so I could store them better. And that’s about it really. It wasn’t that much more to do. I am hoping to figure out how to put the screens in the windows. I did keep one cardboard box in the bathroom that had some family photos and Christmas ornaments, since I ran out of room in the basement. I also left a number of winter coats and boots in the room to clean or dry clean to prep for winter weather.

But at least I can open the door again and walk inside!

That green thing looks like a sleeping bag, but it’s actually floor-length winter puff coat.

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