Thrift Haul-Many Hands Market

While I do enjoy visiting many thrift stores in the area (and beyond), my absolute favorite this last year has been Many Hands Market in Spencer, Iowa.

It’s a Christian charity market, but I’m not entirely sure on the mission. Something Christian……? They have a tendency to blare really cheesy early 90s and 2000s Christian soft pop music throughout the store, and that, as I see it, is the only downfall. (Because extra loud music, no matter the style, in a concrete building is soooo uncomfortable for my ears).

But as a thrift store, the inventory frequently turns over and they bring in clothing from all eras and from many different places. That is what makes it so great. You can regularly find vintage pieces from 1960s and 1950s. Not to mention the more common 80s and 90s that fill most of the racks. It’s so much fun to just look at the style diversity on the racks.

The price on items is also incredibly competitive. I’ve never paid more than $6 for an item there.

Dark Green Jumper ($6)

This isn’t a vintage item, but I was happy to find an item that was loose enough for layering in the winter. I’m always on the lookout for clothing that can work in negative 20 degree weather.

Denim Jumper ($5)

This one is pretty loose, but the plan is to wear it with winter layers again or a belt. I could take the sides in based on the location of the seams. But I think I’d like to keep it really loose. I had a jumper when I went to catholic school (obviously not denim or this long), and I really like how comfortable overalls are. I imagine this style of garment will be equally as good for working with kids with lots of moving around.

Black Front Pleat Midi Skirt ($1)

One dollar! Just one dollar! It’s 100% polyester, so absolutely not breathable. That’s great for winter though. I like the pleated front and it has that type of button side closure that turns into a pocket. The weird thing is this skirt says it’s a size 14, but it’s not a modern size 14. I’m not sure what year it’s from, but I’m guessing it’s between twenty-five and thirty years old. Polyester though-that stuff lasts forever and is a workhorse for fabrics not showing age or wrinkling. A great travel piece!

Red Pleated Silk Midi Skirt ($4)

This was actually a pretty high price for a skirt at the Market. But it’s made of a high silk blend and is in excellent condition. The material is lightweight and it also has the side button closure that turns into a pocket. Like the other skirt, I see this as a great winter skirt with boots. It’s listed as a size 16, which I believe is another indicator of its age. Because this is, in no way, a 2019 size 16. Which only proves that numerical sizes are asinine.

So there was my haul, not actually amazing distinct and individual finds this go around, but some staples for a very reasonable price. The grand total for the trip was $16 and an afternoon of fun looking through some classic pieces. With as much fun as I had, I plan to make a stop there every season just to spend a few hours smiling at the fashion of days gone by.

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