Staining Shakes

After much thought, Tyler decided that the best course of action for siding the front of the porch was with shake shingles.

He has always like the New England shake look. It’s not something you see very commonly in the plains states of the Midwest. Mostly, for accents, this area of the states uses rocks. And a rock facade was considered. So were bricks. But when it came right down to it, cedar shakes were just the way to go.

I love them for two reasons. One, cedar had the most pleasant wood scent of them all. And two, because I like the square lines. It feels to me like the lines of the shakes fit well with the overall lines of the house. The width of the siding and the roof shingles.

But so another time consuming process began in order to create the beautiful exterior of the porch project.

Tyler stained each shingle to a darker brown. They will fade in the sun, as shakes all do. He built this wood contraption with slits and a sturdy type of clothes line to hang the shakes while the stain dried and cured.

Apparently, the stain was a pretty sticky substance, so the shakes took days to be ready to use. He admitted that it was good we only put them on the east side of the porch. Due to how much time it took to stain them.

Kinda seems like just as much time painting Hardy board to me, but the man has a killer eye for aesthetics. So I’ll go with whatever he says. You aren’t going to believe the way these shakes class up the porch.

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