If you were not aware, I am married to a person who is exceedingly giving of his time and talents to others in the community. And, not surprisingly, this causes him to have to detour from whatever he is working on at the homestead (sometimes just for days and sometimes it turns into weeks), in order to help the other person in a timely manner.

One of the summer detours this year was helping my father pour some new pieces of cement into his sidewalk around my parent’s cabin.

As I understand it, it was hot and muggy. It took most of a day, and Tyler got to use one of his new tool type devices he had purchased earlier in the summer.

It was just the two of them. My mom was taking care of Gus all day while I was gone.

So here’s my best guess of what happened. They tore up the old cement. They leveled the ground and prepared it. They mixed the cement and poured it. They leveled out the cement.

But this detour? Is just one of many. He’s cut down trees for people. He’s built cabinets. He’s worked on windows and window wells. He’s installed a door. He’s done some sort of mud work or taping on drywall (this is totally wrong, he’s going to be upset I’m using the wrong words here). He’s mowed someone’s field with his tractor. He’s worked on a weather vein. He’s moved friend’s machines with his tractor and dump truck. He’s split up whole chickens into pieces for cooking.

And that’s just some of the odd jobs he’s been asked to do. That doesn’t include his summer of sound work, gigs, rehearsals, and extra work he’s done at the school. It doesn’t include hauling cement load by load out to the dump site. Chopping wood for his shop. Teaching band camp and lessons. And always making time for his students who need help, or friends who want to stop and chat or stopping to have coffee with his extended family.

While Tyler is an extroverted person who prefers to stay busy, I know he often feels disappointed in himself for getting behind at the house.

I don’t. I see a man, taking many detours, in order to be an asset to his community and the people around him.

I told him once that, although I hope the house doesn’t take another ten years before we have kitchen cabinets and a main floor bathroom, I don’t mind our living situation at all. Having a house, and having an acreage; it’s more than I could have imagined. His work and his skill and his learning process are worth the wait.

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