Felling Dangerous Trees

We have a wonderful neighbor who is retired from the tree-industry. (Does saying tree-industry make sense)? Earlier this summer, Tyler arranged a time for him to come and remove a couple of trees from the back of our yard that were dangerously close to the house. The bonus? Tyler would have to help out our retired neighbor.

Now, mind you, while we do have a lot of trees on our acreage and are a fan of trees, there have been a few that have been precariously close to the house. Like, ice covered branches banging against the roof and windows close.

I think Tyler was pretty stoked about getting to help out with the project. Partly because of his love of chopping wood, and partly because of his love of watching wood chipping videos on YouTube. While our neighbor handled the cutting (and did so from his truck that has a bucket on it), T put the branches in the chipper.

Do you know how many YouTube videos there are of people putting trees in chippers? Wow. And, I think I get the appeal. It was pretty mesmerizing to see a branch quickly turn into chips.

So the duo worked on completely taking down two trees (a maple and a linden tree) and then also trimming up the branches of another giant maple that were practically resting on the roof.

It took a few hours (2-3 hours in total). Tyler’s dump truck got to be turned into a chipper for the event and I apparently made coffee so strong T could have chewed it. (Why am I adding this tidbit in? Because I want the record to state that I’m always told I make coffee too weak. In effort to make T better coffee, I measured out the amount of grounds I expected to use and then doubled it. Apparently, that was overkill).

You can now very easily see the back of our house (which was obscured by the trees before) and the light shining into the house at the end of the day is magnificent, brilliant, pretty damn near blinding actually.

I don’t know guys, this place is starting to look pretty ritzy!