The Great Window Saga of 2019

Ah, yes. We are finally here. Finally at the post where I fill you in about the windows.

The windows were ordered early on, around the same time as the door and garage door. But it’s as if the window gods (are there window gods?) were trying their best to keep us from receiving the windows Tyler had to custom order.

The first set of windows we ordered arrived broken. So they were sent back. The second set, which had to be remade to our special measurements, were lost. Literally. The company shipped them but couldn’t figure out where they had shipped them.

Tyler did what work he could while we waiting to discover where our windows had run off to. On a random weekend, while I was out of town I received a text message from Tyler:

“Our windows have been located in Fargo, ND. They will be here Monday. I am getting them for 1/2 price.”

Now, if you have to wait two and a half months for one set of broken windows and a second set of renegade windows; it isn’t so bad when you are refunded half the price of expensive, custom made windows.

But it just sometimes feels like we are the kind of people who end up in these weird circumstances.

That being besides the point. Tyler installed the windows (while I was working as usual). He then taped them up. Added the framing pieces and finally…. finally…we had a completely enclosed porch again.

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