The New Front Door

Nothing is ever done the easy way around here. It seems there always has to be a snafu out of our control.

But first, the beginning.

The door had been sitting in the porch for awhile before the porch walls were all set for framing in the door. Tyler had to rebuild the entry way (poor headers and such-Which I previously mentioned) to prep for the door.

It seems to me he’s probably an expert on doors at this point. He’s done our front door, south door and the Anderson French doors that all lead outside and in.

The door is beautiful. And, the plan as I recall, is to one day paint it a bright accent color to offset all the white and red on the house.

Tyler went with a door that wasn’t entirely glass this time (most of our doors are glass doors to add light to the house), as it seems a full glass door just doesn’t emit the same sense of safety as one with just some glass.

But then, the snafu. The door handle and lock he ordered was not what arrived. Sure, it fit in the door and was the right dark bronze-type finish to match the rest of the handles in the house. But this one had a round backing.

All of our other doors have rectangle backings-as you can see in the photo below:

(Goodness! I didn’t realize I got both Tyler and Gus’s butts in the reflection of the door in that photo until just now. Sorry boys!)

While we were waiting on a door handle reorder, the front door tended to look like this:

Always hanging open. You’d close it, but without the handle and lock it would creep back open.

Once we got the actual handle, Tyler put that in and then also framed the trim around the door. So it looks quite lovely now.

And you can see how it matches nicely with the garage.

And, yep….we are still hoping we get windows someday? It’s actually a great saga I hope to be sharing with you all at some point.

Two door openings in the porch down, three window openings to go!

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