The Last Time Siding

We’ve had our share of exuberant siding posts on this blog and the first blog ( There were whole weeks and months where siding was the only thing happening. But I think this may be the last official siding post.

After the vents for the stove and fireplace were added to the south side porch wall, it was time to side with the Hardy board!

Fortunately, having the dump truck meant that Tyler didn’t have to haul individual pieces of siding across the yard from the shop one at a time.

Of course, this also meant he had to paint the boards. Which is kind of irritating. I still don’t understand how he doesn’t get covered in paint himself when painting. What magical power does he possess that I haven’t been gifted with?

Being as this side of the porch wasn’t terribly big, it didn’t really take that long to side.

Tyler did discuss with me the pros and cons of the initial decision to use Hardy board (which is a cement board that easily breaks) versus the composite type that is more common today. I’m not sure it mattered as much to me, but four years after siding your house, a person sometimes has some thoughts about the initial process.

Of course, the south side now looks like better than the rest of the house (due to my quick paint job on the siding for the house during freezing weather). Which only means my lack of skills is showing disproportionately on our property. But getting the house repainted is not our goal.

If you recall when I started the porch series in July, you may remember I mentioned windows arriving for several weeks. As an update, you should know, that the windows arrived and were broken. Since they were a custom ordered size, we then had to wait for the windows to be remade (in Virginia I think?) and shipped back out. So…eventually, there may be a post about windows? I hope?

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