Venting Heat

I’m not sure there is an adequate description of the heat we’ve been having the last two days (from when I’m writing this post-not when it’s being published).

It’s like someone cranked up a space heater outside and it’s set at 105. Sometimes there is a bit of a breeze, but it’s a warm breeze. A hot breeze actually. It’s miserable.

And while this was happening, Tyler was working on putting in the vents for the stove and the porch fireplace. Which feels ironic because thinking about a fireplace during a heat index of 105 seems karmic.

Both vents are coming through the south side of the porch, so he needed to complete the vents before working on siding the wall. The front of the porch won’t be sided (we are doing something a little different there and I’d prefer to keep you in suspense), just the south wall.

We don’t have a fan or hood for the stove yet. I imagine that will happen once the kitchen gets worked on. And the fireplace for the porch isn’t here yet either.

I don’t know much more to say about vents. They are metal. And silver-colored. They carry heat out. Like usual this summer, I missed most of the work Tyler was doing. But I also found all the little tasks I could see interesting.

That’s just it. The whole process is fascinating. I have a little bit of fear of missing out, but then I must remind myself that that sort of thing will happen in the summer when I teach and Tyler does not. I already got to be part of the big part of his work (the actual house the first year), so I need to let go of feeling useless and being a crappy partner to his work.

What I do enjoy, is watching how much Gus tries to interact during the work (and thus ends up in so many of the photos). It feels very much like “family-time” when Tyler is trying to explain the work for this blog, I’m taking notes on my phone and Gus is running between us and chasing robins.

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