Large Tool Moving

As a detour from the porch posts, I submit for your review, a very quick post about these large tools.

Several years ago (maybe five-maybe even seven?) Tyler purchased some tools in the town he use to teach in. (A little cryptic, but I’m not sure on the appropriateness of saying where he works or mentioning a particular school. Not that a person can’t easily find that out-or that the forty people who read this don’t already know where he works…)

But as he had no where to put said tools, he waited until he had his shop. Well, he has a shed-shop now, so he went to pick up the tools.

To my surprise, apparently the dump truck is large and strong enough to carry these massive beasts. He came home one day with one of our favorite visitors (John) and I got a few photos of the process.

One of the tools is a small horizontal milling machine. He says it’s much smaller than most milling machines. (WordPress keeps autocorrecting milling to “milking”-hahahaha!).

Tyler did ask me to insert this little story about the moving process. Apparently, one of the machines was almost dropped, and he caught it. But the catching resulted in some major pain and possible tears of his biceps that only began to feel normal again much, much later.

This side story is slightly concerning to me, because if Tyler injured himself or dies during some type of construction accident and doesn’t even make it to forty, I’ll be devastated. Tyler, please don’t hurt yourself anymore!

The tractor was also useful in moving these two items. And I just now realized that everything we have is red. The tractor, the truck, the house….guess I should’ve kept my red Prius?

Woohoo! Look at how easy it is to move machines with other machines!

Of course, the downside to moving all his machines to the shed is that the shed is being overrun with items. The organization he was trying to get to this winter has become an explosion of machines, wires, tools, wood, metal, etc. all over the building.

But better to focus on the work that can be done outdoors in nice weather, rather than get discouraged at the mess inside the shed. On a slight side note, the insulation in the shed is quite impressive. We’ve had a few days of heat index over 100 degrees F, and the shed retains a nice cool interior-as if it were air conditioned.

My husband, he does good work.

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