The House Garage Door

It only took part of a day for Tyler to install the garage door. It was his second garage door installation (the first being on the shed).

I’m not sure if installing a garage door on a shed is different than a house, but my guess is it isn’t. As you will soon be able to see, I have no idea how it happened.

First the remaining three panels of the original garage door were removed. (If you recall, one panel just simply fell off when Tyler was trying to organize the garage to get started).

Then I missed the big reveal of the garage door coming out of its box because I was teaching my third music camp of the summer. But Tyler first has to frame in the door with the white pieces that go around the garage. My brain can’t seem to recall what those pieces are called. Edging? Caps?

A garage door needs these metal pieces for it to open and close. I’m gonna say this might be called a track? Or…I could be making that up?

See-there are those metal pieces and Tyler setting that part up. (I’m really having a hard time with explanations today-must be the insane heat we are dealing with frying the verbal part of my brain).

And then, lastly, the door is in and hooked up. We’ve got a grill and some other items in front of the door, so this isn’t the best shot. But I think it’s probably the nicest part of the outside of the house right now (since the red paint on the siding is looking a bit sad).

And that’s okay. It’s another step forward!

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