Open Doorways

In the continued porch saga, we move to the doors. And, by doors, I mean the porch doorway and the garage door.

Both of these items have been sitting at the house for a few weeks, but weren’t quite ready to be installed. Part of that was because the openings both needed to be reframed.

As previously stated, the original job on this porch, not top quality. However, the new door being put in was also a different size (right Tyler?), so quality was beside the point.

Tyler took out the door (which hadn’t been attached to a spring for several years and use to stick really badly). Then the framing.

He then put in the nice stuff-and by nice stuff I mean nice wood for framing.

He also began taking the garage door out. But then! One of the panels just disintegrated. So he fashioned the remaining panels into the opening.

While we haven’t had a door into the porch for a week or two (just a piece of plywood to slightly cover the opening), the house looks less trashy. And with such nice looking wood (and some new tar paper with fresh lime green tacks) it’s already an improvement from a somewhat functioning enclosed porch!

I don’t know guys, the thought of having this actual additional floor space is starting to get super exciting. But mostly, so is the thought of the house not being completely engulfed in tar paper that’s blowing in the wind.

The adventure continues as we wait for the windows to come in.

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