Fixing a Mistake

So before I get to the mistake, Tyler sheathed the porch so we didn’t just have an open area for animals and other creatures to just walk in to our area.

But the same evening, after I got home from work, came a realization.

Tyler has framed one of the windows three inches off of the measurement mark.

And do you know what he did? Well he didn’t get upset, get angry or give up for the night. He just tore apart his mistake (which included wasting some of the wood he had bought bc he couldn’t reuse busted wood).

He spent a bit over an hour fixing that mistake. It’s not the first error he’s made during this house project, mistakes happen. But the way he rolls with it (just like Steve Winwood) is so impressive.

So I guess we have a partially covered porch now!

There are about seventeen more steps in the porch process, and it will be pretty awesome to have this additional living space this fall. Daydreams of wicker furniture and fall nights reading by the fire (yes, there will be a fireplace) have been dancing in my head.

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