Thrift Haul-Consignment Corner

Second-hand shopping can really be hit or miss. But I’ve really come to find the experience so much more fun than traditional shopping.

I don’t like to go in with a plan, because then I tend to be disappointed.

I’d been to Consignment Corner in Spirit Lake once before, but never had the time to stop and look through the women’s clothes. On this Saturday trip back in May, I was excited with what I found.

LA Vintage Lace Blazer $5.00

This is a very lightweight polyester blend cropped jacket. It does have incredibly large shoulder pads that will be removed. For a cream-colored item, I was shocked at how clean it was. No yellow or brown stains at all. My guess? This is from the 1990s-based on the style of printing on the tag and the material. Other than an iron, it’s good to go. The lace appliqué is so beautiful. Photos don’t do it justice, seriously. This is beautiful.

Ivory Button Down Slip Dress $8.00

My mom had something similar to this in 1994. But I feel this dress could have come from any year between 1990-2000. Again, for being a cream colored item, I’m shocked at the care this garment has received. This dress has been altered. The lace around the V-neck? Not original. I don’t know if that was added to make it more special or for modesty purposes, but I really like it. It does mean that I can’t open the buttons on the front of the dress (which are functional). I will need to add a couple stitches to each side of this dress to take in the waist, but the bust and hip measurements are perfect as is. And…if the photo isn’t clear enough, this dress is completely see-through. Fortunately, I do own a midi-length slip! (Why does a 35 year old woman in the year 2019 own a midi length slip you ask? Well the jury is still out on what decade I was actually meant to be born in).

Sweetheart Flower Sundress $10.75

I was confused when I saw this on the hanger. The straps were all tangled and, as you can see, bunched up. However, the print and the length were right up my alley so I decided to figure it out in the fitting room. I discovered that the straps criss-cross and it is a light jersey cotton rayon blend….maybe? As far as the year this dress is from, this feels more recent. Maybe because of the way the straps are crossed? Or maybe the alterations are throwing me off? It has definitely been altered. There was a zipper and elastic added to the back of the dress. The zipper wasn’t placed very well, so I’m going to have to add a hook and eye. Also-those straps need some major ironing to get sorted out-yikes!

Red Linen Button-Up $12.50

This was the most expensive item I purchased at $12.50. It is however, in excellent condition. I doubt it has ever been worn. While it is linen, it is also completely lined. There are buttons on the back to adjust the waist (and I may move the button slightly to make the waist smaller). This red! Oh my gosh, this red is such a beautiful warm color. And I love the wide collar. I don’t think this dress is vintage or retro-it’s probably from the last five years. But the button up style and length make it fit the early 90s vibe that seemed to be my mantra for the shopping trip.

So the total purchase price for the three dresses and the jacket with tax came out to $38.79. A couple of stitches and some ironing and I’ve got some beautiful summer dresses.

Consignment Corner, I’ll be back for sure! What a score!

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