The Covered Porch

Whoa. Sweet beautiful construction! Let’s get right down to it.

By day three of the porch renovation, Tyler really started to show his construction prowess again.

The south side of the porch (with the glass doors) was removed completely. Then he reframed a wall there.

This was, unfortunately, after discovering amazing amounts of mouse urine and droppings so strong that he had to bleach the wood.

Upon further dissection of the insulation, T discovered that some of the beams used to enclose the porch were the wrong kind. They were the kind that rot.

Now, I can say with 100% certainty that I am not surprised by this. I mean, I almost figured we end up finding a dead body or a graveyard or a bomb inside the walls of the porch with the way deconstruction has happened during the past five years.

So…that meant that the wood structure had to be replaced. No reason to do anything the easy way here folks! (Farmers…I tell y’all what…the shortcuts sometimes baffles me!)

I came home from teaching a music Camp one afternoon to this:

What I always wanted! A covered porch!

Where a beam use to be!

Tyler left the original beams up (and you can see where some other beams where initially connected to the roof prior to whenever the previous owner encased the porch.

Hopefully some windows will arrive and allow Tyler to reframe the entirely of the porch. Or maybe he’s reframing it first? I honestly don’t know and have barely had a chance to speak to Tyler the last few days.

It’s so cool. Amazing and cool and exciting to see work on the house. Like, big construction type work.

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