The Five-Day Fire

Tyler gets the best ideas when I go out of town. I left town for a quick road trip where I was gone for less than twenty-four hours.

When I came back early the next morning and pulled into the driveway, there was the light smoke and red glow of embers from the burn pit.

I figured Tyler had a bonfire the previous night before, you know, a big party with his pals when I was gone.

But nope, he was just getting rid of more branches, sticks, branches, etc.

As the day progressed, he just added more to the fire to smolder and slowly return to the ash of the earth.

After two days of the fire continuously burning, we had a storm and thought the fire would most definitely go out.

Guess what? It didn’t! It burned for two more days after a full night of thunderstorms, only dying once there wasn’t anything left to burn.

Okay, yes, maybe not as interesting to read about as it is to see a fire that never dies each day you come home from work. But, this post is mostly a testament to the full throttle speed with which Tyler is attacking his summer project list (including clean up our yard so it looks less trashy) now that school is out.

It is pretty rad Tyler. The yard looks like a real yard now….and not some crazy construction site. And that’s quite a pile of ash!

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