The Dump Truck*

I promise that soon there will be posts about actual house progress updates (because work is happening), but summer is when a lot of interesting things happen. So it means lots of posts. I’ve considered doing bi-weekly posts, but since winter can be so slow, I think stretching out the posts isn’t such an awful thing….right?

For several years Tyler has been searching for a truck with a bed that lifts up. This is helpful for hauling heavy items like rock, concrete, maybe branches? Stuff that you can then dump out of the back of the bed. (As opposed to shoveling in and shoveling out).

It’s good to have a dirty workhorse truck on an acreage too.

I think that describes this truck well. Here is the info I may have learned from Tyler and therefore may have written down incorrectly:

This is a Ford F-350 One ton dually. It was born in 1993. What he likes about this truck is that it has a power take off. This means that a lever engaged the drive train off the engine. This powers the pump to run the box up and down (like our tractor does). It’s a more industrial way of doing things (almost an exact quote from the fella).

Huh? How’d I do Tyler? Did that make any sense? (Because it didn’t to me!)

What can I tell you about the truck? I can tell you it is a bit bumpy to ride in. There is no little board thing to step on to get in the truck so I have to pull myself in. It doesn’t have air conditioning. And it has the old truck smell. Do you know the one? It smells like….work….and….old truck.

Maybe that sounds like complaining, but I actually really like it. I feel like it should be all those things as that is the type of vehicle an acreage needs…and an old truck needs a personality.

I’m so happy for Tyler. While he may forever be stressed to the maxed, it’s so great to see him be able to get something he has wanted for so long that will make the hard manual labor of owning an acreage a little easier.

Enjoy your old truck Tyler! And I’ll enjoy my old sewing machine! What a pair we’ll be!

*The title is throwing a little shade at myself, during the first homestead tour in 2014 when I referred to the dumpster as the dump truck

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