Thrift Haul-Memorial Day Flea Market

It’s here! My wonderful search for a treadle sewing machine that has bobbins, a manual, and actually works is here!!!

If you recall, Labor Day 2018, I missed out on a cabinet sewing machine at the flea markets. I was bummed when I lost it, but that made me realize that, for a starter sewing machine, I wanted to start with a treadle and not an electric.

Tyler spotted this Singer and I went out to see it the next day.

It was dusty, but it had all the necessary parts. Needles, bobbins (usually the most difficult part of older machines to find depending on model and age), working treadle. The paint was in decent shape on the actual machine, still mostly vivid. The cabinet it sat in was study and functioning, minus some knicks and knacks-only cosmetic minor flaws. The leather belt that connects the treadle to the machine was dry and brittle-but and easy fix.

It was listed at $125. Without me even asking about the machine, the seller came up to me and told me he’d let it go for $75. I hate haggling, it’s so awkward. I’m totally fine with paying the amount someone believes an item is worth. (Perhaps indicative of my preference for directness). So I told him I’d take it.

Tyler couldn’t get out to the market to help me move it. So….my mom and I put it in the back of my Prius! Honestly! I couldn’t believe it fit back there! (Score one for the Prius!) I was a nervous wreck driving it back home. Worried that after all the years it has survived, the car ride back to the homestead would be the one that would kill it.

So here are the specs:

It’s a Singer Treadle inside a cabinet. It’s between a 1920-1926. Fortunately, during this time frame bobbins were made with the regular round modern design. (Previous bobbins were often cone shaped and each model would change the size of the cone). This means replacement pieces and extra parts are easy to find.

That’s really all I know. I’ve been cleaning it up and figuring out my next move with the leather belt. The good news is that as soon as I figure out the belt situation, I can start sewing. That was a big part of the appeal of this machine. I didn’t have to do much to jump right into sewing.

Unfortunately, the month of June is a bit crazy with commitments. I’m teaching three music camps besides my regular students, have a gig (and the rehearsals that lead up to that gig), and our first major house project in over a year is starting! (More on that later). So the machine may not get much love this month. But I have her. And I’m so ready and excited to learn how to sew with a machine.

Major score.

One Reply to “Thrift Haul-Memorial Day Flea Market”

  1. You and Tyler, please allow me to brag, are an Attttttttt team. You gave each other’s backs and know what each other wants, needs, and loves. So glad you found this treasure. Love and am so proud of you both


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