Thrift Haul-The Locket

This is not really a thrift haul. I bought one singular item recently from the local Antique Mall (located in the mini-mall by the Pizza Ranch).

But, in an attempt to quell the massive anxiety I was feeling over trying to arrange and write the music for the percussion book as quickly as and throughly as possible, I took one afternoon off to attend an event at a nearby library and then walk around the antique mall.

This “mall” is only open seasonally. So I hadn’t stopped by since last summer. It’s a very large building with many dealers and, like most antique stores, packed with items. I could wander around there for hours just browsing because of how much I enjoy looking at old items. (I spent a few minutes reading a book from 1910 called “How to Be a Good Husband”-many interesting tips inside).

In one section, I found something that really caught my eye. This locket with a 22″ chain.

It’s a double locket, with openings on both sides. I don’t believe it’s actually antique-or probably even made of any precious metals. But the length, light etching, and shape had me returning to it as I walked around the store.

So I bought it. For $4.00.

Then I spent another five days working on the percussion book, extracting parts, creating midi files and generally working myself up into a ball of anxiety trying to complete everything on time.

At one point my brain felt like such mush that I knew I needed to take a break and focus on a purely mechanical task. So I began personalizing the locket.

First, I located photos on my computer that I wanted inside the locket (photos of Gus and Tyler-the quarter is in the photo for size comparison).

Then I cropped and printed them in multiple sizes to find the smallest size I needed.

I “laminated” the photos in packing tape and cut them down again and again until they fit. So tiny!

I glued them into place inside the locket (this is what was suggested over and over again online) and viola! I have a personalized Gus and Tyler locket to wear! My boys can be with me anywhere!

For four bucks, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Memorial Day weekend flea markets are around the corner (from when this post was written-or just happened if you are reading this post as it publishes) and I can’t WAIT!

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