The Stuff in the Shop

Below is a pictorial tour through random things/creations in the shop that wouldn’t necessarily fit a whole blog post by themselves.

These beautifully organized bins of nails and screws, etc. Seriously, Tyler was after my heart by setting up these beautiful bins so nicely labeled. Organization like this is eye candy to me!

This hook system for these long tool items that I’m blanking on. What are they? And why is my memory so shot when Tyler tells me the names of things?

These metal carts with wheels that he made. A little project that I think was pretty neat. He made these because he wanted a way to move around the large chain link chain things. And when the chains are coiled up they are very heavy. This way, he can move them around in these pails on wheels easily.

Whoops. How did that get in there? This is evidence of a beautiful, muddy spring here at the acreage. Our road being closed. Bring on the muddy paws!

Tyler didn’t make these shelves. But he did set them up in the southeast corner of the shed. Not as beautifully organized as some other parts (swoons thinking of the nail and screw bins from the top of this post), but still a nice way to have places to set items. (Seriously though, the jig-saw size of the compartments is less visually appealing to me-But it’s not my space).

The cart on this torch device thing was modified so all the pieces and that red box in the back would be attached. This thing creates fire. It is not a welder. (I thought maybe it was, but I was corrected).

Look at these shelves! They help utilize the otherwise useless space next to the garage door. They are shallow to not impede the opening of the door, but allow for long pieces of wood to have a dry and reachable storage location. I love the way Tyler is making sure to not have wasted space-esp since the shed isn’t that large and space is at a commodity.

And lastly, here is our beloved pup, Gus. Staring rather oddly up at the tv while I was taking pictures and Tyler was explaining all the new doodads in the shop.

You can’t go wrong ending a blog post with a handsome lad like Gus!

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