Five-Six, Pick Up Sticks

I was greatly relieved when, after some April snow storms and crazy wind, the weather was decent enough out to get back outside.

You easily forget how long it’s been since doing yard work during the Iowa winters.

My first self-imposed outdoor task was to pick up sticks…ah…ahem…or branches really.

This was the largest branch down, and had fallen in our driveway.

Branches fall off our trees all the time. Spring always means a large clean-up. But we had just gone through several days of severe wind and storms.

Some remaining snow still in the yard surrounded by sticks and branches.

I put on my high mud boots, flannel coat and work gloves.

Tyler has been using the edge of the field and our yard to make bonfires (the way we have to burn) so I moved the sticks there instead of the concrete pad (where Tyler chops wood).

I believe some of these knarled trees are eventually going to be cut down.

There are a lot of sticks in the yard I haven’t gotten to. The plan was to get as many of the branches and large chunks of wood in a pile as possible.

A lot of our mulberry trees lost branches, which will be such a bummer for the late June ripening trees.

I felt like I started off strong, but quickly slowed down to a slower pace…making sure I could breathe through the cold air and not slip in the muddy yard.

The start of the branch pile.
The branch pile (and Gus) after an hour of gathering branches and sticks.

Gus had a hoot. Running in the mud, chasing robins, and playing with his tennis ball.

And then we went inside for some lunch and a quick rest before continuing with our weekend yard plans.

The next couple of days, Tyler began the bigger stick issue. Including getting the tractor involved and readying the yard for mowing! Mowing! The tractor was involved in most of his work.

He cut branches down.

And then he also pulled down a whole tree.

I missed the main part of the tree felling-but this was how the pile changed since I had begun the pile.

Looks like a good bonfire for summer s’mores!

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