Muddy Waters

My parents moved to town a couple months ago into a little cabin on one of the Lakes. They had been living in their RV and traveling the southern United States.

So when they first came up, they needed a place to store their RV. Naturally, the homestead had a lot of room.

But after many snowstorms, ice storms and rain, the RV has gotten stuck in our muddy, muddy yard.

Here is the tale of Tyler and my pop trying to get the RV out on a Monday night.

First, the RV in all its glory. Sitting in front of the house, just askew to the driveway.

Tyler got on the tractor to see if he could help pull while my dad manned the wheel.

Then there was putting boards under the tires to try to get some traction.

That also didn’t work. Several board options were tried.

Tyler also tried to dig out the hole where the wheels had sunk.

That didn’t work either.

The following later morning, my dad called for a tow and got the RV out before the ice storm (which started the next day) and made the wheels sink deeper into the mud.

And now…looks like summer is coming and the outdoor work on the homestead will be happening soon.

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