I Updated the Bathroom?

No. Nope. I tried, but failed to update the bathroom.

I feel rather unsuccessful with this. Remember about a month ago when I wrote about carpeting the main floor? Well I still feel that way, meaning, I have nothing to contribute to helping quicken the house process. It’s pretty much 100% on Tyler now. (Let’s be real, it has always been 100% on Tyler)!

Tyler was off on the school music trip and I had the house to myself for a good six days. I anticipated blissful nights of going to bed at 9:30pm. Never having to wait to use the bathroom (or run outside to pee) and just being in silence with absolutely no tv running at all.

What happened was that Gus was so distraught with Tyler being gone, that on the first night he proceeded to vomit four times all around the upstairs during the spam of 9pm-midnight. And then I, obviously, had to check him every couple of hours throughout the night to make sure he was still alive.

So I decided to spruce up the bathroom after it had been covered in vomit. As a nice, fun surprise for Tyler when he came home.

Dirty carpet I can’t keep clean no matter the color because of Tyler’s boots and Gus’s paws. Boys.
We have a mismash of towels from when we were married that have seen better days. These have been demoted to “other use towels” to keep bath towels strictly for showering.
Why yes! That’s a plastic bag sitting on a wire rack. No, not gonna explain it.

I bought new towels and a shower curtain.

That’s basically it.

There wasn’t anything else I could do. Tyler is building the mirror. He’s building a cabinet for towel storage. I’m just…here to clean the toilet and oxy-clean the tile and grout in the shower.

And worst of all, the shower curtain I had to purchase online because we have an extra tall shower? It was most definitely not the level of color saturation I was going for. It’s looks like velvetta cheese yellow/orange.

Which is also a mute point, because after I hung up the curtain, the rod continued to fall down every day! Every single day! I put the curtain rod up, it fell down in a hour. So I spent the week showering without a shower curtain.

Sometimes I fail quite big.

I did decide to move how we store some items and where in the bathroom. And cleaned it up. But it’s not as exciting a reveal as I had hoped.

Pile of shower curtain on the floor. Lovely, huh?
All gray towels for easier washing, and I put towels on the floor instead of rugs (easier to clean should Gus vomit on them again).
Moved all navy bins to this metal cart. Extra towels are placed inside.

I think it’s best to stick to cleaning one major spot of the house at a time and leave the decorating to the household member who actually has an eye for it.

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