Rust Be Gone

I believe I mentioned that Tyler was cleaning up his old rusty machines in the shed. Which is an interesting process because it is exactly like an extreme makeover for machines. I can barely recognize some of them.

Most of the machines, after the rust issue, are being given a gray type coat of paint of lacquer or whatever it is that is gray that you brush or spray on these machines.

But Tyler is also removing the wheels and gears and other parts of the machine to de-rust them and then paint them black. As an artistic contrast to the gray. It does look very sleek.

I will say, however, that the fumes from the shed follow and stick on Tyler’s clothes and, consequently, I finally went out and purchased some Borax because no amount of soaking or vinegar was helping rid the smell.

I like seeing Tyler take such care with cleaning these items. Tyler and I are very different people, but it reminds me of me-when I get on a tirade and just clean a part of the house down to the grout on the floor and the dust above the window ledge.

This isn’t a quick process. So I’m afraid documenting the coming together of even one machine would take far too long to store photos and get a post up. We are a little pressed for posts this spring (maybe that’s a snow and rain and mud issue). But I think it’s just as interesting to see the time it takes to fully restore a machine (no matter how cool it would be editorially or story wise to show the whole process in one go).

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