A Look Back

On April 25, we will be at our five-year anniversary of owning this beautiful acreage on this beautiful adventure of restoring our old house.

I tend to be a very nostalgic person (who actually continuously writes myself time capsule letters), so I thought to celebrate this occasion it would be fun to look back on the original house tour.

So I went through the original video and added captioned commentary on the plans I discussed in the original video and how they changed; as well as what has changed since and is still to be done since that video.

Truly, it’s a bit cringeworthy to listen to one’s self speak in a video. Especially when it was one of my first narrations. However, I did have a great time feeling like I was “talking” to myself in the past. (Low bar for good times here!)

Also, I just want to mention (mostly to Tyler), that I don’t care how long the house project takes. (Although I would like to have a second bathroom before I turn 40-can we make that happen?). The changes made to this place are amazing. I hope watching the video will remind you how far we’ve come.