February 2019

This is the first year I am not freaking out about our bad Iowa weather. No, it’s not that the weather has been good. In fact, as I type this, we have had six snow days in the last four weeks.

The mailbox is just about a foot shorter than I am…

Snow days are common here. Six isn’t terrible either. But to have one to two snow days every week? That’s rough. I prefer my snow days spread out a bit…apparently that’s not how this winter is going for us.

The piles of snow Tyler has plowed out of our driveway. Perfect for king of the mountain.

I made a goal this year (partially due to my foray into paganism as I studied modern day pagans for my recent genealogical post), to try and embrace the seasons more. Specifically winter.

Tyler getting ready to plow our driveway…again. He’s getting ALOT of use out of the plow on the tractor.

When Gus and I went outside today to try and take pictures of the latest snow storm, I ended up trying to get us over a drift the same height as my self…I ended up rolling down the drift and laughing hysterically. Gus was less impressed, he loves snow, but did not enjoy falling into a snow abyss.

Before Gus and I tried to climb over the snow drift…surveying the options.

During an earlier snowstorm we also climbed snow piles and slid down. Gus also enjoys trying to catch snowballs with his mouth…to eat them obviously.

Nothing like sunbathing in a field of snow!

In other words, it’s about viewing the snow through my pup’s eyes and the way I would have as a kid-when I would put on a snowsuit and built snow forts and make snow angels until my face with pink and my socks had fallen down in my boots.

Thanks Gus. For loving snow like a kid in a candy store!

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