Making it Shiny and New

Every time Gus and I go visit Tyler in the shed there is some new and odorous fume emitting from the shed. But this is what happens when you are cleaning up your antique/vintage/old tools.

This one still needs to be cleaned up…I think?

Do you think one would call a tool vintage? Or just secondhand? I’m not sure if clothing/furniture verbiage applies to large, old tools.

Back when we still rented a storage shed, it was full of large tool equipment for Tyler’s future shop. Insert years of winters and springs and humidity and dry air and those metal tools end up looking a little dire. Not to say they were in he best of shape to begin with.

A clean up tool to the right of the stove and some rusty plank-type ones out front.

So once more organized in the shed, Tyler became to clean them up. I believe this involved all sorts of chemicals to eliminate rust as well as paint.

Okay, so the thing is before he started cleaning up these tools, they seriously looked like they could have come out of the Spanish Inquisition. Secret torture devices to be sure.

If this one doesn’t look like a torture device to you, I envy your lack of disturbing thoughts.

But cleaned up…they do resemble tools quite a bit more.

See how nice this looks?

I’ve missed most of the cleaning up process. Tyler has spent a lot of time in the shed. Most of the tools are turning into a lovely gunmetal gray color. Standard heavy-machinery paint I think? He even starting watching NCIS? Apparently it was a tv station that came trough and there was a marathon so….reruns for the win!

I am, however, looking forward to the day when chemical fumes don’t make me turn away from the shed for some better photos.

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