I Carpeted the Main Floor

The title of this post pretty much gives away the whole post. But it’s probably the first time, in quite awhile, I personally have done anything to the house.

I love wood flooring. It’s easy to clean. It’s great for asthmatics and those with allergies. And if a rug is to be used, I feel it should be a decorating accent (or to help with echo in a large room). But sometimes, you must go a different route .

We’ve had rather cheap indoor/outdoor rugs all around the house. This is mainly for Gus. Since the actual wood flooring is down, but unfinished, Tyler has the floor covered in construction paper. On the main floor is heavy, almost cardboard like paper. Upstairs, it’s a thinner paper.

Gus tends to slip and slide on this paper. Without the paper however, his toenails could dig grooves into the wood which makes finishing it more difficult?

Yes, that question mark is on purpose…I’m not entirely sure if this is true or if Tyler does not want to deal with little nicks in the flooring. He isn’t a fan of his work not keeping up with the pristine original quality. I do think he may be expecting too much, it is a wood floor of course. And, naturally will age with nicks and grooves. But I only care about a somewhat clean and tidy home…not a shiny, new looking home.

I bought the first gray rugs for downstairs over a year ago. Gus had a couple accidents on them (and I think maybe vomited twice?) around the time he was neutered and on some pain meds that blocked him up. Poor pup. I would actually cut out pieces of the rug if I couldn’t clean up the stain. White dog vomit…easily cleanable. Orange dog vomit…does not come out of a gray rug.

Strange cutouts on the gray rugs.

These rugs also didn’t cover all of the paper covering the wood floor. And do you know what you absolutely cannot get stains out of? Cardboard paper. Which had gotten pretty muddy and dirty during the flood-as we traipsed up and down the stairs in the flood waters.

So while I was making a very early morning purchase at Bomgaars, I saw some very thick rugs for sale for quite cheap. On the fly, I purchased four that I thought might just replace the ones with all the cut outs in them.

Now, I know what some of you may be thinking? Isn’t it a waste of money to buy rugs that you eventually will just get rid of? I believe this could be said of many things people purchase. Rugs, as I see it, are a consumable item. I have them for a specific purpose and they will eventually wear out or get orange vomit on them. I am not buying beautiful, ornate rugs (though I would love to!) for decoration or as an investment piece. I think it is okay that some items a person buys are consumable. Like tennis shoes. I do not “invest” in a pair of tennis shoes. Because they tire out and loose support and are no longer good for running after a certain point. This is how I see the rugs. They will serve our purpose well.

When I got home, I realized, I could layer all the carpets I had and cover the entire floor, leaving none of the cardboard showing. This was great luck! (It felt like it at least…doesn’t take much people…I’m easily excited about any organizational prospect).

Layering rugs around the cabinet platforms in the kitchen. Because you cannot clean a kitchen floor that is just the subfloor.

So I took up all the carpets and moved “all” the furniture (ha! Yes, we have NO furniture so this was easy). I vacuumed that cardboard paper and wiped dust off of the wainscoting and moved some random pieces of wood flooring that were hiding around the main floor. Then I began playing carpet Tetris. This is not easy for someone who is spatially challenged. I really cannot always comprehend putting geometric shapes together.

Entryway to the house.

But I had time. So the whole main floor is now covered and secure. This will make cleaning the muddy paw prints and boot prints a bit easier. It will keep Gus from slipping and sliding on the paper. And it will hopefully protect the wood floor underneath a bit better.

Dining area.

But actually? It just makes the space look more tidy and less construction-like. So…it’s also partially helpful for my psyche.

Can’t seem to flip this photo to the right orientation. But it’s a view from the stairs, looking Northwest.

One Reply to “I Carpeted the Main Floor”

  1. Love that Gus was in one of your pictures. He is such a handsome dog and he is lucky to have you and Tyler as his family.

    Thanks for sharing your remodel journey. It looks awesome!

    I also meant to tell how that I really enjoyed your previous post. Your thoughts on religion echo some of my own.


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