Making Room

After the wood was up on the walls, Tyler’s next plan was to organize the space.

The beginning of which involved installing the cabinets and having some shelving and a bench so he could at least get at the tools and have a place to set items as he brought the space together.

Tyler built our basic storage shelves in the basement, so he has quite a bit of experience in putting together some wood items quickly. Or, at least, that’s how it appears to me…one who knows nothing of building shelves or working with wood.

Yeah, it’s pretty messy. Tyler built the shelving unit that sits on the ground. The cabinets came out of somewhere…I don’t remember where?

So he set up this little area.

But the other thing about having a shop, is that it’s nice to have something on in the background. Now me, I don’t feel this way. I actually prefer silence around me when I’m working on or doing something else. Sure, I’ll listen to a podcast while walking Gus (otherwise that’s ALOT of silence, even for me) or perhaps watch a movie while eating dinner; but I don’t even listen to music while cleaning or sewing. Otherwise, you miss out on what is happening. Not surprisingly, Tyler and I are very different in this matter. He does enjoy having background noise, whether it’s public radio or the New York Philharmonic or reruns of Andy Griffith.

TV hooked up, with the second hand gifted speakers.

Since I basically haven’t been winning any awards on gift giving for him (or to anyone else for that matter) in several years (uh…because I’ve been living with diminished funds) for his birthday, I gave him a special antenna for the shed. He moved his tv out there and hooked up some louder speakers (I believe these were from his dad) and mounted the tv to the wall.

Not to worry! Inside, I purchased a smart tv for him as well…although it seems a smart tv isn’t really as smart as a tablet or phone, so I’m slightly disappointed in that regard. Perhaps that is because I had limited funds though? I’m sure there are much smarter tvs out there. We still don’t have cable (because that’s a rip-off, amiright?), but our antenna picks up about forty channels for free. Uh…none of them are particularly interesting. Just some, and I stress some of the major network channels and Minnesota Public Television. Plus some home shopping and then random channels that play old game shows and series from the 60s and 70s. Stuff like…Gunsmoke.

The whole area.

That was a rather large digression.

Anyway, it’s nice to see some organization happening out there in the shed, because I know this means he’ll be able to do all the little projects and work he has been wanting to do for so long. And I can’t wait for him to have the ability to do those fun things and not just the prep-things. It’s like he’s been baking an elaborate dessert for almost two years that he isn’t allowed to taste.

I’m not coming up with a clever way to end this post and I keep interjecting non-pertinent information…so I guess I’ll just…That’s all folks.

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