Fire in the Hole

This is very hard to see, Tyler is moving the wood stove with the tractor into the shed, because it’s so heavy.

I am SUPER impressed. Today, Gus and I went out to visit Tyler in the shed while he was working. You guys, it is SO WARM. It was warmer than the house. I was sweating. I haven’t sweated from heat in…I don’t even know how long.


From the beginning, Tyler wanted to heat the shed with a wood stove. This prospect seemed both homey to me and dangerous. I mean, I know Tyler likes to chop firework to relax…but a wood stove conjures up images of Bert from Mary Poppins, the Great Chicago Fire and a Yule log.

We have a lot of firewood.

I don’t know what you know of the Iowa Great Lakes, but it can get COLD here. -30 degrees type of cold. The cold where cars and school buses don’t start and people are warned to not go outside. We have cold advisories here in NW Iowa. So how was a wood stove going to heat Tyler’s shed for working during those cold winter months? I mean, honestly, I knew that the most likely time Tyler would have to work in the shed would be on very cold days when school would be cancelled. And it would be depressing to have a nice, complete shed, but freeze to death inside it.

The stove sits on these concrete platforms.

The wood stove is very tiny actually. I’m surprised at how small it is. It is not, though he may have wanted it to be, an antique stove. Nevertheless, because it’s so heavy it does look antique. Just, shiny and new…so far.

There’s a chimney and everything. I’m not sure how else to describe a wood stove. It packs quite the punch when it comes to heat. I fully understand now how early settlers survived with a central hearth in their homes during the nasty winters.

Of all the things Tyler has done or had done to the shed, this one is my favorite.

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