A Wooden Workshop

Internet, Tyler is working his ass off on the shed at night. I think he’s found a good groove and had a tiny bit of time, or, at least is making time, for working in the shed in the evenings.

Obviously, having lights and insulation has been helpful in that endeavor. But I’m so very glad he has had an outlet and a space to work.

As much as a light foamy green insulation color may have made the shed look Willy Wonka-esque, it was not the final look.

No, Tyler ordered plywood to create walls inside the shed. This is helpful for more than one reason.

For one, just keeping simple plywood on the woods allows him to easily bang nails and hang items as needed without worrying too much about aesthetics.

For two, the whole inside of the shed has become incredibly bright and welcoming. I mean, I thought the lighting made the place look wildly bright, but now with a light colored wood on the walls? It looks positively inviting. I can also see how it is forming into an actual workshop.

I don’t quite know the whole process of putting up the wood. But I heard a story of how he had to stagger the pieces to reach the ceiling. And that meant, sometimes trying to hold a large piece of plywood and install it while balancing precariously on a ladder. Like….seriously? (I’m so glad he didn’t ask me to help)!

It looks nice. Homey. Practically the New Yankee Workshop!

Internet, I feel bad about Tyler’s workshop. I believe Tyler likes to think he is a person who just wants a few nice things and a building to work on his tinkering hobbies. But the truth is, he isn’t a tinkerer. He is a real craftsman, who is meticulous about his creations and he isn’t complacent either. When he messes something up, he takes it apart and figures it out or he starts anew.

A man like that shouldn’t be resigned to a shed he has had to refurbish bit by bit in order to enjoy his engineering, mathematical, spacial-awareness mind. I wish he had his large shop. A shop so large, he could do all sorts of repairs and building things and whatever else he wants to do.

Sometimes I feel rather helpless about the whole thing. If there ever was a man who deserved a giant shop to do whatever the hell he wanted so he could de stress and employ his brilliant mind…that man would be Tyler.

But instead of lamenting that he doesn’t have the exact space or shop he has dreamed of…do you know what he does?

He heads out the shed every night in the pitch black winter air. And he works bit by bit to create a space that’ll just do.

And I’m so impressed. Sometimes, in these posts, I just try to regurgitate what I’ve learned about all the work he does around here and I don’t mention enough how much he impresses me. Intelligence isn’t everything (kindness is far more important), but how does he do it? How does he use calculus or a string or a stick to build things? How did his soul end up in this century at this time?

Okay, I’m getting a bit emotional about my husband’s brain, but I want him and the internet to know that I’m floored. I’m floored by each new bit he does, regardless of whether I mention it in a post.

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