A Day in the Life

Time is all we have.

I use to work constantly and eagerly take on extra work and jobs. I use to skip and ignore exercise or spirituality or homemade meals because I felt justified that I needed to make a lot of money and buy lots of nice things to “make it.”

Then I spent four years working in hospice care as a Music Therapist. It changed me irrevocably. I could no longer put aside the parts of life that meant something to me.

So, when my time working in hospice came to an end, I made the conscience decision to work smarter, be more gentle with my mind and body, and stop putting off the little things I always wanted to do.

I thought I’d just share a bit of an average day for me at the homestead. Of how I managed my time. One day of time.

As kind of a record for later on.

And, for an extra dose of fun, I decided to pepper this post with pictures of the oddest thing that Gus began doing recently. I bought, off the cuff, a purple, spiky, squeaky toy for Gus. He has taken to “hiding” his toy in places around the house. So I started taking pictures of the various places he hides it. Because it’s hilarious. What is going on in his head? I wish I knew!

I take my task of homemaking seriously, because it feels like the only way to contribute when Tyler does so much. But some days, I seem to really fall behind with it all. But here was my schedule. A regular Monday in November.

6:19am Took Gus out to walk down the street to do his morning “business”

7:20am Tyler was up and getting ready for school

7:50am Put laundry in and took Gus for his morning walk. We walked about forty minutes. Temperature was 17 degrees, light wind. Saw absolutely no one out walking.

8:50am Gus and myself had breakfast while I checked emails and moved laundry, added another load

9:30am I did my upper body workout while appeasing Gus by throwing his purple squeaky toy

10:00am Moved laundry, followed my current spiritual practice

10:30am Filmed house tour videos and moved laundry and worked on blog posts

11:00am Took Gus for a second walk. This one ended up only being a half hour, a bit chilly.

11:30am Washed the dishes (we do this by hand), made lunch and moved the last load of laundry to the dryer.

12:00pm Ate lunch and watched a tv program on the NBC app, continued working on blog posts (I was writing five posts this day).

1:00pm Got ready for work and hemmed a pair of pants.

2:00pm Left for teaching at the Music School.

6:45pm Back home from work, took Gus out and fed him dinner.

7:00pm Made dinner and ate, checked emails and returned work calls, wrote out some guitar arrangements for student recitals.

8:00pm Watched some YouTube, put all the laundry away from today and took Gus out again.

9:30pm Went to bed.

Does it seem….I dunno….like a strange schedule for a 34 year old woman? I am well aware I have the luxury of being able to walk my dog multiple times during the day, make meals from scratch, workout and have a spiritual practice with regularity. I know many people don’t have the luxury of time.

But time is all I have.

Time and the love of a man and a dog.

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