All Four Sides

Not long after I posted the three sides posts of the shed, Tyler spent several late nights completing the south side.

On the north side, he set up a painting, drying rack. Inside the shed, he had some tools to paint in the cold or cut the pieces of siding.

Do you see the board near the top of the wall? I don’t remember what it’s called (Tyler is gonna be really irritated by this admission), but I do remember why it’s there.

It’s there so he has a place to anchor a small roof to. Why another roof? In order to park the tractor underneath.

See, if the tractor is parked outside it will open up a lot of space inside the shed for Tyler to do his woodworking and other projects.

He, Tyler, asked me to wait until a nice snow had fallen to show all four sides in the snow. So…here I sit…in a blizzard, writing this post to show the bright red against the snow. The scaffolding is still up in these photos, as the storm happened right after Tyler finished the siding.

As a funny side note, as soon as the shed was sided, we received a letter in the mail to have a reassessment done on our property due to some “recent upgrades.” Like…within a week of Tyler getting the siding up.

Ha. Government.

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