How We Live Part I

For the next few weeks, I am putting together a little update on what the interior of the house looks like now.

Most people (who aren’t related to me or Tyler) haven’t been inside the house recently. I’ve mostly been covering up the images of the incomplete house, because a total transformation looks more interesting at the end of it all.

But, we’ve been living in the house (as it is) for quite awhile, since in nice weather, the priorities are outdoors and the shed. And I thought I it might be interesting to take the time to actually show how we are living in an incomplete house.

It’s really not that incomplete. The parts that are missing are all finishings…all luxuries in my opinion. The house is functional. But if you were to visit, you might disagree it’s state of finish-ness. Is that a word?

I’m quite happy with how the house is. We have what we need. We even have tiny touches of personality in tiny spots throughout the house.

This first video is just the main floor. I stopped myself from spending a whole morning cleaning to show this video, but then realized it’s not that dirty. It’s just that it looks very hodge-podge since we don’t have places to store anything. Or real furniture. And I wanted to be honest about showing the house as it actually looks.

And so…we begin:

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