Bright Lights, Rural City

At least, despite the weather conditions, Tyler was able to spend a little bit of time getting the lights put in the shed.

Electricity was run to the shed in 2014, and this spring Tyler worked with an electrician to get the panel wired. I think? Maybe I have this timeline wrong?

Anyway, he went from using work lights, to putting up six LED lights. The two photos above are of the same vantage point, first with his worklights and then with the newly installed actual lights. Which ended up being a bit of overkill, because whoa. Those lights are a very bright white light. And, as a somewhat aficionado of light (sensitive eyes), I can confirm that white light (which can also be bluish in color) is the brightest light.

I guess that means he won’t have any problems with missed measurements or errors from a dark room!

Onward, to the next part of the shed project. (Which is waiting for the people to come insulate the shed….oh the waiting game…we Pedersens hate the waiting game).

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