Three Sides and Snowfall

Oh my dear internet friends and family. Frost. Snow. Winter is coming. 

IMG_9765 2

And while that seems logical, based on the date this post will actually post, I sit here in the ever-darkening room, with a dog laying on my foot, and it’s still the early days of October. Early October! And there’s snow!

IMG_8452 2

October hasn’t been kind to us, weather wise. But so is the quirkiness of living in the Midwest. It hasn’t been pleasant for Tyler working on the siding of the shed. Besides the throws of marching band season, it has been tricky to keep up with painting and siding because of the weather. Last year, when roofing the shed, we were also hit with some unfortunate weather that led to delayed construction. I fear this is what is happening currently as well.

IMG_6489 2

So while three sides of the shed are actually sided and painted, the last side (the south side that faces opposite the gravel road) is still bare. You see, paint is a fickle substance (I’ve been reminded repeatedly since the project began) and it has to cure in order to set. I don’t know the ins and outs of this, but I do know that this must be done in a warm environment.

Previously, while working inside the cold house, we purchased two crazy construction heaters to paint and work inside during ridiculous temperatures. The fumes from said heaters use to give me headaches. But Tyler is relentless. He heats up the shed with the heaters (the wood burning stove isn’t yet ready to be used inside) and then paints a few boards. When they dry, he turns them over and paints some more. Then he waits, runs some errands, does some other work, and moves on to another set. This continues whenever he possibly has a moment at all.


So, with that weather consideration, the snow and the frost, I am instead showing off the three sides of the shed, sided in all it’s snowy October glory, and the unending paint-plan.

Glorious I tell you. Red really pops here in Iowa. Gus agrees.

IMG_7222 2

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