Sewing-Sizing Up Maxi Skirt

Everything I appear to be trying, sewing-wise, is aimed at sizing up right now. I guess that is because, when you have something that is a bit too large you have options to still make it fit. For example, when I have a skirt that is a bit too big, I can a) belt it b) add suspenders (I totally do this) or c) pin it with a large kilt safety pin.

The Skirt (Sorry about color changes in the photos…I didn’t realize I had a filter on during some of the photos).

My most recent foray into sizing up a skirt came from an online order. I purchases this maxi skirt (with pockets!) for $7. The sizing said that skirt waist was 30 inches. I tend to make purchases that I know are at least, in the waist, 30 inches, because I’d rather there be too much room then not enough (as you can tell by my myriad of ways to deal with a skirt that is too large).

In this case, once the skirt arrived, it was most assuredly NOT a 30 inch waist. I measured it. It was a 28.6 inch waist. Because it was a final sale item (and did not cost very much), I thought I would use the skirt as an educational piece to for my sewing.

The part of the belt I cut off to add to the waist-band. 
Opening up the part of the belt I cut off, because the waist band is wider than the belt. 

The skirt had a defined waist-band (not elastic) with buttons all the way down the front and the material was gathered, in a somewhat ruching way along that waist band. A cloth belt, in the same material as the skirt, fit around the waist band for decoration. At first, I considered trying to move the buttons over a bit (I may still do this). But I was concerned that would cause gaps in the skirt or make it appear like a slit. Also, I don’t how to create new button holes that are sturdy.

I choose the spot on the back of the skirt to insert the new waistband, but first I had to remove the little piece of fabric that holds the belt. Does that have a name? Oh, and look-my glasses are off laying on the skirt. I’m constantly taking my glasses off to see up close for the small work of sewing. I may, in fact, be 80 years old. 
Here’s that little piece of for the belt. I was pretty much freaking out at this point, because I figured I had completely ruined the skirt. 

So I decided to cut apart the end of the belt and insert it into the waistband. Then, let some of the ruching out to make the waist wider. I went with the back of the skirt beneath one of the belt loops for this enlargement, because I figured the belt would then hide my poor stitching.

Here is my work lining up the belt with the back of the skirt before beginning to sew. 
Here is the same shot (apparently with a darker filter) of my wicked sewing skills with the new piece inserted into the waist band! Ha! 

It almost worked. The stitching, yes, is quite poor. And since the skirt is a gray/white stripe, picking thread was tricky. I do believe I picked the wrong color thread. But, with the belt in the belt loops, and since handwork in on the back of the skirt, it is not noticeable when the skirt in on.

Here is the outside of the waist-band, once I had reattached the belt loop thingy. 

Unfortunately, I only added a little over a 1/2 inch to the waist. So I did not get it up to a full 30 inches. So this may be one of those pieces I wear when I’m mainly going to be standing.

And here is what the back of the skirt looks like once the belt is looped through, almost all my new seams are hidden…fortunately.

This has been my biggest project yet. And even though it didn’t quite go to plan, I’m excited that I was able to come up with a plan and execute that plan, regardless of outcome. Perhaps I’ll become an average seamstress yet!

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