How to Create a Most Excellent Bonfire

Sometimes, us Pedersens like to mix work with fun. Since we are in city-limits, we can’t actually just have open burning on the homestead.

So, in order to burn up stray sticks and brush, we have bonfires.

First, you have to collect the debris for the bonfire. Sometimes this means felling a tree that is in danger of hurting something else, or it means, chopping up a tree that has already died and fallen down or been struck by lightning.

Don’t forget to use the right tools for the job. Hey STIL, want to sponsor us? Tyler still needs the 6500 chainsaw?

You must also pile up the materials to create the bonfire.

Then wait for the foliage to die off so it settles and burns nicely.

When it time for the actual fire, don’t forget the marshmallows.

And enjoy the time outside with your family.

S’mores, jazz music, Gus gnawing on a bone. And some good conversation while watching the sun set, watching the light show by hundreds of lightening bugs and then picking out the constellations in the night sky.

Ah, to be in love with the land and the man and the dog sitting by you is a beautiful thing.

In the morning, snuff out the remaining flames and plan the next fire.

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